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Protecting Yourself From The Impact Of The Raining Season

The much-awaited rains are finally here. We all experienced the hot weather of the past few weeks and most of us silently prayed for the rains to come. Well, the wet season is finally here, and we are not just hoping for the cool weather, we are also hopeful that it will increase availability of electricity.

While it is relieving that the weather will be much friendlier, vegetation would flourish and we are likely to soon start seeing our favourite fruits fresh and cheap; the raining season always comes with some risk our to health, property and even our finances. That is why we will be telling you about “How To Protect Yourself During This Raining Season”.

Over the years, we have seen the rains impact people in ways no one was thinking. Property damage. increased road accidents and health issues are ways the rains have affected our lives. We have seen flooding take over streets and homes damaging properties and taking lives; wet roads and rainstorms causing accidents, and the list is on.

Throughout 2020, flooding directly affected more than 2 million people (about the population of Nebraska) in Nigeria, including 69 deaths. In 2019, there were 158 deaths with over 200,000 people affected.

So, what are the potential risks that this season portends to you and how can you protect yourself?

  1. A few weeks ago, we all saw in the news how the windstorm pulled down a giant billboard in Ikeja damaging a car and tricycle and leaving two people injured. Thankfully no life was lost. The thunderstorm two weeks ago also damaged an electric pole in Maryland. So, if you’re out there during the rain, please stay safe. Ensure that wherever you’re taking cover you can withstand the impact of a windstorm. Avoid parking your car under electric cable lines, billboards, and trees at a time like this.

  3. Still on protecting your property, if you live in a flood prone environment, it is time to rethink how you want to arrange your property in the house to avoid damage in case of flooding. No one knows which rain is going to come with heavy flooding so it is advisable to not leave valuables where they can be easily damaged by flood.

  5. Parents should also devise preventive measure for their children. Advise them to stay back at the school when there’s a big rain. Contact the school to keep your children safe and go and pick them up yourself if they are not using the school bus or an alternative arrangement you can trust.

  7. In a city like Lagos, the rain also always come with attendant traffic jam. It is important to know that you could be caught unawares. So, when leaving your location, ensure that your valuables are kept out of sight to avoid attracting traffic criminals.

  9. The rains are known to come with its health issues such as common cold, bacterial, malaria infections etc. Some of these ailments have viral tendencies. So now is the time to work on your immune system. Eat healthy, exercise and if you have a condition that can make you prone to any form of infection, you should see your doctor. You should do the same for your children. Also keeps out insects and bugs that fly around at once after rain from invading your space.

Businesses could also be affected by the rain. Commuting could be a little difficult for employees and health issues of employees or their families could also affect productivity. Shops and offices in flood-prone areas may be affected by flooding which could cripple business operations. Businesses must consider possible risks possibilities and have a Business Continuity Plan in place.

While we earnestly hope that there would be no ill emergency, we must prepare for one by keeping an emergency kit handy. This would necessarily have essential items that could be used in times of emergency like clean water, mosquito repellent creams, a thermometer, first aid bandages, cotton swabs, healing ointments, non-perishable food items, a battery-powered emergency light, and an extra set of clothes and socks.

It is also advisable that you protect yourself and your assets with an appropriate insurance plan such as motor insurance, home insurance, health, and life insurance etc. Having these insurance plans will be very helpful if the unforeseen happens. You can talk to AXA Mansard today for the appropriate insurance plans.

The rainy season comes with its beauty, nudging you to want to curl up somewhere and relax and/or read. It could also come with its worries. Our list isn’t exhaustive but can serve to protect you from the negative impact of the rainy season.

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