On the Move

Our goal is to ensure that our employees enjoy fulfilling careers and keep enhancing their careers in the right direction

We are diverse enough to ensure that people have many opportunities to evolve, by moving roles cross-functionally or internationally, based on their performance and aspirations. Opportunities that would be unavailable to them in smaller structures.

Want to explore a new role?

We are committed to helping our employees upskill through our various learning and development initiatives which allow them potentially change roles cross-functionally, thus broadening their professional horizons.

Career Progression

We look for leaders and ensure the mobility of our most performing Talents. Our Performance Management system encourages and reward hardwork, when an excellent job is done with our customers, we grow. At AXA Nigeria, you own your career and can accelerate it through our role-based approach when you demonstrate ability, achieve outstanding results, you are ultimately rewarded with more opportunities for advancement. 

We believe in enhancing homegrown talents predicated on our Internal recruitment framework, we invest in your future, harness individual potentials and achieve more collaboratively as we act for human progress by protecting what matters.

Want to go international?

A great part of our appeal as an employer, is being a member of an international brand with global presence – we do span 62 countries after all! Because who hasn’t daydreamed of working abroad in countries as varied as Brazil, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong while at the same time learning about and soaking-in a new culture and work environment?

Work at AXA

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