About this Initiative

Sustainability is at the heart of AXA Mansard’s purpose to Act for Human Progress by Protecting what Matters. It is how we intend to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

As an employee, you are an important stakeholder in this journey to a sustainable future. This initiative is designed to leverage your creativity and challenge you to remain committed to deliberately acting to make the world a safer and healthier place for all generations to live and prosper.

Our Goal & Commitment

Our goal is to empower you to touch more lives, better impact communities, and continue to raise awareness and share knowledge about the dangers of climate change to our collective future.

AXA Mansard is committing a 1 Million Naira grant to execute the most engaged project submitted by any of our employees.


Our Objective

  • To accelerate the impact of our collective commitment to mitigate the dangers of Climate Change
  • To demonstrate our collective commitment to a safer, cleaner, and healthier world
  • To support you in giving back to any community of your choice, in your quest to keep acting for human progress

How to Join

STEP 1: Identify a climate change problem you would like to solve

STEP 2: Make a video about the problem and tell us how it will make the environment clear, safer or healthier

STEP 3: Share/Post the video on your Social Media (using hashtags #AXAWeekforGood #ActingfortheClimate)

STEP 4: Tag AXA Mansard on Instagram

STEP 5: Ask your friends and followers to support your project by following AXA Mansard on Instagram and like your project on AXA Mansard Page; so, your organisation – AXA Mansard – can fund your project execution.

STEP 6: Keep Soliciting for support to gather more likes for your project

N/B: Top 5 Projects with the highest likes on AXA Mansard Instagram will be selected for internal evaluation

Important Information

  • Acting for Human Progress
  • Recognition by the Chief Client Officer
  • Featured Interview with your Picture in Switch On Magazine
  • Opportunity for your project to be featured in Amplify Magazine
  • Feature on our SM platforms
  • You must have completed the AXA Climate Course
  • Your project must be in line with AXA’s goal to reduce emission, transition to circular economy and limit of biodiversity
  • Your project execution cost should be within the approved grant limit of 1 million naira
  • Your project must be easy to execute within a 30-day period at the most

The grant will be managed by the Marketing Team who will work with you to execute the project 

You can work any project of your choice, so long as it’s under our goal to reduce emission, transition to circular economy and limit of biodiversity.

For example, you can renovate toilets in a school, plant trees in schools, organise a drainage clean up, preserve endangered species, recycling, etc?

Kindly send an email to


AXA Mansard
Sustainability Roadmap

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