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Enjoy a simple DIY way to invest at superior rates.


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Looking for a simple DIY way to invest at superior rates? Then look no further! Our Investment Plans will help you set and achieve your various savings and investment targets with a team of the best financial planners working behind the scenes. AXA Mansard’s basic Investment Plans are our Mutual Funds – Money Market Fund and Equity Income Fund

Why Choose us?

Enjoy an easy and simple DIY way to invest at superior rates

Superior Interest Rates

We offer higher interest rates than a regular bank account

Easy Tracking

Monitor you investment account on your online personalized dashboard

Quick Redemptions

Same day investment redemptions into your bank account. T&Cs apply

24/7 Support

We are available 24/7 to handle any medical emergencies

Types of Investment Plans

Money Market Fund

A low-risk investment plan that gives you access to a number of investment securities and types.

Equity Income Fund

A higher-risk investment plan that gives you access to stocks and equities available on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

Education Trust

A targeted investments plan that enables your child have the best education at their disposal when necessary and a chance at a secure future.

We know you want the best for your children. Our Education Trust will help ensure they have the access to the best education.
Our Education Trust incorporates your targeted school fees, projected returns, inflation, and number of years for savings, etc. to arrive at the required investment outlay for the child’s education. 

As a parent, you may decide to contribute a lump sum amount, in installments (monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly) or a combination of both. If started early enough, contributions can be moderate, with significant impact in the years when required.
Where a trust structure is adopted, funds will be disbursed directly to the designated school(s) towards the beneficiary’s education according to the terms of the Trust.

Benefits of the funds include:

  • Superior returns on investment
  • Enables parents achieve quality education for their children through disciplined savings and investment plans
  • Positions the portfolio to benefit significantly from compelling long-term growth themes

Employee Investment Scheme

A pooled investment scheme which allows employees invest for medium to long term goals e.g. purchasing a home, buying a car etc.

We know you want the best for your employees. Our Investment Scheme will help ensure they are able to meet their short and long term financial goals.
The employee makes a monthly contribution which is deducted at source from the employee’s monthly salary by the company’s HR. The scheme enables employees enjoy access to a portfolio of diversified instruments such as government bonds, corporate bonds, deposits and Treasury bills.

Customized Portfolio

A tailored portfolio designed to suit an investor’s unique investment horizon, risk preference and return expectation.

Looking for the right balance between return and risk in your portfolio? Our Customized Portfolio is specifically designed to reflect your risk tolerance towards meeting your financial goals.
For our Customized Portfolio scheme, the minimum start up is N1million and can be either discretionary or non-discretionary.
Assets typically invested in include:
Equities – Quoted Equities & Unquoted Equities
Fixed Income & Money Market Instruments – Treasury Bills, Bank Deposits, Commercial Papers & Bonds (Naira, USD, Local & international issuer)
Real Estate – Residential & Commercial

Policy Information and Downloads

AXA has published its 1Q20 Activity

AXA has published its 1Q20 Activity

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