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Learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence

Here at AXA your opportunities to upskill are becoming limitless. Learning is an integral part of our culture – with our individual training plan, which is tailored towards your personal and organizational development, we are focused on ensuring our employees can meet set goals and objectives. And now more than ever, we are making it our priority, by progressively transforming into a self-learning organization. Why? Because by 2020, over a third of the core skills sets required for most occupations will rely on proficiencies which are not essential to performing the same job today, to support our employees on this journey, we have introduced the Digital Upskilling project which will ensure that our employees have the right skills required to compete in the business environment of today. Faster, simple, smarter learning is being reinforced with our global partnership with LinkedIn Learning, one of the top e-learning providers worldwide which boast of over 150,000 courses available. We have also recently introduced the AXA Leaming management system, which will provide employees which will provide flexibility and easy access to our local materials.

In addition, our employees can participate in the internal AXA Business Academy were training needs are deployed based on the competency framework. This will ensure all employees across the organization are empowered/equipped based to the proficiency levels required to achieve business results during the financial year.

This will help our employees stay ahead of the curve and boost their competencies and employability to support our business and continue to spearhead the insurance industry. Continuous learning at AXA is more than an enabler to drive the future.

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Percentage of salaried workforce

having received at least one training course in 2018

training modules are offered to our employees

in addition, we have a digital learning platform that provides more than +15000 courses to all our employees

In addition, as our managers and their teams will be driving AXA’s transformation in the business, we recently launched the AXELERATE leadership learning journey. Targeting all AXA managers, the journey will use the best of in-class learning content, with a mobile app pocket coach. It will bring our managers to the next level of excellence, to prepare AXA and its people for the future.

By helping our people stay ahead of the curve by boosting their competencies and employability, we support our business to continue to spearhead the industry. Continuous learning at AXA is more than an enabler to drive the future…

So, what will you be learning tomorrow at AXA?

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