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5 Questions You Must Answer Before Choosing an HMO Plan in Nigeria

Health topics will always remain a big topic, especially with the pandemic still looming in the corner with its different variants. Last week, we looked at the costs of not having a corporate health insurance plan as an organization. We saw that really, the need for a good HMO plan cannot be over-emphasized especially when running a business.

Now, I am sure you would ask, “How do I go about choosing the right HMO plan?” Not to worry, today, we will be discussing “5 Questions you must answer before choosing an HMO plan in Nigeria”. I am sure you will find this discussion very useful, should you be thinking of signing up newly for an HMO plan or even planning to make a switch.

First of all, an HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) is a company which offers health insurance plans and in conjunction with a network of healthcare providers gives you access to healthcare services. There are now many HMOs in Nigeria, but making the right choice is important. It is necessary to understand your options so you can make an informed choice.

Here are a few questions to ask when choosing a healthcare plan:

  • Does the health plan cover what is important to you? So, it is not just about having a health insurance plan. You have to be sure that your needs are duly covered, else, you stand the risk of not getting optimum value for the resources you have committed. For instance, if you have young children whose health you prioritize, you want to be sure that the plan you are signing up for covers paediatric health care.
  • Does it have health facilities and hospitals you want or need? Just as it is important to know what is covered under the plan, you also need to know if the hospital network is wide enough and contains good hospitals and other health facilities such as laboratories that you can use. More often than not, HMOs have a list of hospitals that are covered within each plan. Ensure to request for the list and if possible, visit the hospitals under the plan you intend to subscribe to.
  • Does it provide other health benefits? Beyond going to the hospital when you are ill, you also want an HMO that can provide you additional benefits such as health tips, emergency services, great experience and loyalty benefits. Many people these days want to join the fit fam gang. If you are one of such, wouldn’t you rather have an HMO plan that gives you access to use a gym facility at your convenience. For others, it may just be the access to that spa services that makes the deal breaker for them.
  • How accessible is the company? You need a company that is ready to support and that you can easily reach out to when you need their help. Many times, customers’ dissatisfaction is spurred when they do not get prompt response and resolution to the challenges they have. This is why, before proceeding to purchase a HMO plan, do your background checks on the organization.
  • Does the company have a digital platform? Digital platforms such as mobile apps, websites and other digital services like robo-advisors etc. are a major game changer for organizations nowadays. As a customer, the ability for you to carry out basic activities just by the swipe of your finger or a click of a button, goes a long way in determining how far and well your relationship with the organization would go.


Choosing a healthcare plan should be easy and straightforward with the above-mentioned points at your focus.

AXA Mansard provides access to quality healthcare including cover for hospital visits, surgeries, medications, gyms, eyecare, antenatal, lab tests etc. Product cover ranges from Bronze to Platinum plus and customers can enjoy a wide range of health care services, based on their cover limit.

If you want to know more about AXA’s health plans, please visit AXA Mansard website at www.axamansard.com to get started.

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