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AXA Week for Good: Lagos Govt Commends AXA’s Continued Fight Against Climate Change

The Special Adviser to the Lagos State Governor on Climate Change and Circular Economy, Titi Oshodi, has commended AXA Mansard for its continued efforts in combating Climate Change. The special adviser made this known when she joined the leaders and staff of AXA Mansard in a commemorative walk to raise awareness about the impact of waste on water in Lagos.

In commemoration of its annual AXA Week for Good, the flagship programme of AXA Hearts in Action (AHIA), AXA Mansard employees, under the “TrashToTreasure” Initiative, collected waste from their homes, offices, and environment and converted it into funds, which the company will donate to provide health insurance for vulnerable children under the Chess-In-Slums Africa Foundation.

Speaking during the awareness walk that preceded a Beach clean-up by AXA employees in Lagos, the Special Adviser noted that the government is proud of organizations like AXA that are keenly interested in working to mitigate the impact of climate change.  

She said, “At the Lagos State Office of Climate Change and Circular Economy, our goal is to ensure that the governor’s vision for a zero-carbon Lagos by 2050 is not a mirage. This is because we have seen that the impact of climate change is no longer a concept. It is real. According to the Lagos State Climate Action Plan 2020 – 2025, more than half of Lagos’s 21 million residents live in informal settlements, which renders them highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. The Lagos State Adaptation and Resilience Plan (LCARP) estimates the impact of climate inaction at $22-29bn – 11 times the state’s 2022 annual budget

L-R: Rashidat Adebisi, Chief Clients Officer, AXA Mansard; Titilayo Oshodi, The Special Adviser to the Governor of Lagos State on Climate Change and Circular Economy; Adebola Surakat, Chief Fulfilment Officer, AXA Mansard; Deji Tunde-Anjous, CEO, AXA Mansard Investments; and Omowunmi Adewusi, General Counsel/Human Resources Director, AXA Mansard; during the AXA Week for Good Awareness Walk on the impact of waste on our water and marine life, recently.

So when we see partners like AXA Mansard doing more than just raising awareness but getting their employees to act for the climate, we must commend them because we want them to do more as we journey to our vision 2050″.

She noted that the company’s theme of trash to treasure is to show how waste can be better used to provide health care, fight hunger, and create jobs through recycling, upcycling, and other means of circularity.

“I am especially delighted because of this year’s commemoration theme, TrashToTreasure. This theme fits well with the ambition of my office to ensure that we address the challenges of climate change, not just by awareness and advocacy, but to entrench circularity into the mix. So, when I heard that AXA Mansard is not just collecting waste, they are valourizing the waste to provide health insurance for vulnerable children, I thought this is a model initiative because it embodies the whole idea of circularity, which is using waste for economic, social and environmental good.”

Appreciating the gesture from the state government, Rashidat Adebisi, Chief Client Officer, AXA Mansard, said that AXA remains unrelenting in its quest to ensure that its sustainability agenda of fighting climate change and protecting the vulnerable population has an impact and makes the world safer, healthier, and more prosperous.

She commented, “We are delighted and encouraged to have you here today as we once again collectively express our purpose of acting for human progress by protecting what matters. This year, our focus in AXA is on protecting our water bodies. So, at AXA Nigeria, we decided to focus on removing waste from the water and increasing awareness about the impact of waste on water.

The Impact of waste on water Is enormous. It has health, environmental, social, and economic ramifications. We have seen the impact of waste on flooding and the socio-economic losses of homes, businesses, and lives that come in its wake. There are also health Implications for polluted water, and the list goes on“.

This is why we have focused on water waste, and we remain proud of how much our employees are doing for this cause. Across Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt, hundreds of our employees volunteered to raise awareness for this Initiative. They joined In collecting waste and participated in the beach clean-up. For us, this is what AXA Hearts in Action represents, and we remain committed to providing the right leadership and support for our employees to continue to give expression to this shared purpose“, Adebisi noted.

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