Legal services

The legal team operates as a centralized unit providing services to AXA Mansard Insurance and its subsidiaries. Our team offers guidance on a plethora of matters which ranges from supporting internal stakeholders, managing business risk to advising on corporate strategy.


Your role

Our lawyers provide a broad range of services which includes legal risk services, drafting and negotiation of terms of agreements, provision of training to the company on legal matters, effective management of contractual risks, ensuring compliance with Nigerian/International regulatory requirements, handling dispute resolutions, legal advisory services to board and management team as a contribution to the business and strategic planning and implementing policies that align with international best practices. We work with management and business teams to ensure that the highest standards of administrative processes and corporate governance are both promoted and maintained.

Oyedoyin Awoyinfa

Head, Legal Services

“We are not just lawyers; we are at the heart of the company.  We are a team committed to delivering top notch legal services tailored towards ensuring the satisfaction of both our internal and external customers. We speak the company’s language and understand the business which is how we ensure the company operates efficiently and effectively in compliance with applicable standards without compromising on its innovative edge. We help to protect the corporate integrity of the company”