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Insurance Plans That Could Pass as Val’s Gifts and Why

Looking for ideas on how you can approach valentine differently this year? Well, we have an idea you may find interesting and useful.

Instead of buying that ice-cream and chocolate you have planned, why not gift your loved ones with something much more valuable. Ever thought of gifting them with something that provides financial security and enriches their lives?

The thing is, as we grow older and start to get married, build families, start businesses and the likes, we come to realize more and more the value of having an insurance plan. That extra confidence of knowing life will go on well, even when the unexpected happens is priceless, and it gets even better knowing you can use it as a financial planning tool. An insurance plan is fairly cheap, which means there’s no excuse not to get coverage for yourself and your loved ones this season.

Let us examine some of these plans:

  • Life Insurance: Nothing shows how much you care for a person than safeguarding their future now. That’s why buying life insurance is such a great way to show the people that you love how much you love them. Aside from being a tool for protecting one’s family and loved ones to ensure that they are properly catered for in the event of one’s death particularly during your working years when your children are younger and financially dependent; Life Insurance can also serve as a personal financial planning tool that can provide living benefits to the insured. These living benefits may include returns on investment, tax rebates, return of premium, hospital cash, gym membership, health checks, permanent disability and critical illness benefits. So, if you are looking for a gift for your loved ones this season, you may want to consider taking up a life insurance plan.
  • Motor Insurance: You know how much you love your car. Just a tiny scratch on it and you feel like almost falling sick. Don’t you think your loved ones feel the same way too about their cars. Now, if you ensured you covered your beloved car with a comprehensive car insurance, why not do the same for them too. Motor Insurance is designed to cover various risks faced by motorists. It provides protection for third party property damage, third party bodily injury and death, theft of the insured vehicle, fire damage to the insured vehicle, accidental damage and so much more. The gift of a motor insurance policy is rather thoughtful one for the season as it shows your loved one that you care for them and their assets.
  • Health Insurance: It’s the beginning of the year, and with the pandemic still very much around, we just must ensure we are always protected, leaving nothing to chance. One of the best ways to ensure that our loved ones stay protected and have a good health is to have an HMO plan. I am sure your loved ones to get adequate healthcare when they fall ill, then you should think of gifting them a health insurance plan. There are several plans that you can choose from, all of which will be well appreciated. There are even plans as low as N450 monthly, this is a perfect gift for that hardworking steward, chef, chauffeur or caregiver during this valentine season.
  • Money Market Fund: Another good gift you can gift your loved ones this season is to help them start their savings and investment journey. You can do this by helping them start investing in a money market fund. The Money Market Fund is designed for investors with low risk appetite looking to maximize interest income in short-tenured securities. Some of the benefits of Money Market Fund is that you can start with as low as N2,000; and You can access your money anytime by withdrawing or using it to pay bills.


So, there you have it, make this valentine more special to your loved ones than it has ever been.

To get started, please speak to an AXA Mansard agent, by calling 0700 AXA MANSARD (0700 292 6267273) or visit www.axamansard.com/ or send an email to ccare@axamansard.com.

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