Stay in
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for the ones you love!



Stay in the picture

for the ones you love!

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Education Plan

Secure a bright future for your child, whether you are there or not. With AXA Mansard's Education plan, you can make regular payments towards your child's education and still enjoy great benefits.

Cash Back Term Life

Can you get anything back from your life insurance? Absolutely! With our Cash Back Term Life, you can get up to 50% of your premium back and still be protected!

Bonus Life

Life insurance with a bonus? Yes you can! With Bonus Life, you can get life insurance by contributing for a medium to long term period. You also get great returns on your savings!

Life Savings

With just N2,000, enjoy FREE Life insurance and still get returns on your savings.

Instant Plan

Get started with as low as N1,000 and be covered for living benefits such as permanent disability, accidental medical expense, an so on.

Personal Accident

Protect yourself against the unforeseen. Get Personal Accident cover for circumstances such as Permanent Disability, Medical Expenses and Death.

Life Celebration

Losing a loved one comes with its own inconveniences. Our Life Celebration policy provides funds for funeral expenses making it easier for you to celebrate your loved ones when they gone.

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