Liability Insurance

Create a safe workplace. When you own a business, the safety of your customers, employees, and those within the vicinity of your daily operation is your full and primary responsibility. Protect your company from the risk of being held liable in the event of accidents, damages, or bodily injuries.


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Benefits & Types

There are several available cover options to choose from, you can tailor the policy to best meet your business needs.

Public Liability

This policy covers both legal costs and pay-outs for which the insured would be responsible if found legally liable. Our policy is designed to cover your legal liability to third parties, including defence costs, arising from injury to people or accidental damage to property as a result of your business activity.

Product Liability

Manufacturers and producers of goods and services are liable for defects in their products which may result in injury to a third party. This policy protects you against legal liability to compensate a third party for damages in respect of accidental death or bodily injury including illness and accidental loss to tangible property arising out of the use of the product or service

Employer’s Liability

This policy covers your statutory liability, as an employer, in the event of injury or fatality occurring as a result of workplace conditions and practices. The policy can be modified to suit your requirements depending on the number of employees and the type of work performed by them.

Professional indemnity:

This policy covers Businesses against their legal liability for breach of duty due to negligent act, error or omission during the policy period. We have developed our Professional Indemnity (PI) cover to better suit your needs based on the services you provide.

The policy is suitable for Medical Professionals, Accountants, Surveyors, Auctioneers, IT/Computer consultants, Hardware, Software, Media and Marketing, Real Estate agents, Careers advisory services, Beauty, Employment agencies, Building/Facilities management, Graphic designers, Management/Business consultants, Training consultancy and many other professional services outside the area of financial Institutions or financial advice.

Directors & Officers Liability

Management Liability cover is part of the risk management strategy of any successful business. Managers are faced with making decisions daily and sometimes decisions
are made that negatively impact the company or hold managers liable for actual or alleged ‘wrongful acts’. This cover provides financial protection against consequences of bad decision-making and financial loss incurred as a result of that.

Claims Process

1. Download and fill out a claim form.

2. Submit the claim form along with the complete documentary requirements online to or to the nearest AXA Mansard Office.

3. AXA Mansard will confirm the approval of your request through e-mail or a call.

4. Claim will be settled and received via your preferred channel as indicated in the e-mail or call.

Policy Information and Downloads

AXA has published its 1Q20 Activity

AXA has published its 1Q20 Activity

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