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How to Maximize Your Travel Experience

People travel for different reasons. Whether it is to challenge yourself, to experience something unfamiliar, to expand your perspective, to have an adventure, to just escape for a bit, to relax and rejuvenate or just for a celebration, travelling is great for so many things.

Anybody can have a fulfilling and real experience with the right approach. Here are a few hacks you can use to get the most out of your next visit to that city.

  1. Research your destination thoroughly: It is important to research your destination before you arrive. You need to be clued up on the area, the locals, and the culture to avoid acting tactless or out of place and offending people in social situations.
  2. Pack strategically: make sure you are strategic when you get your things together for your trip. Don’t be the tourist struggling with an overflowing luggage – you probably won’t be needing as much as you have imagined. Don’t carry things that are too heavy and might weigh you down, don’t carry too many big, expensive, and complicated gadgets. Instead, arm yourself with reasonable and sensible clothes that are right for the weather as well as necessary documents and supplies you may need depending on your destination.
  3. Take genuine interest in the people and their culture: This opens so many doors to you not only for an interesting time and amazing new friendships but also for great adventure. Taking interest in people opens more fun for you whether it is a fellow tourist, your tour guide, or even the hotel staff. Starting up conversations and asking questions may get you invited to local events or have people showing you attractions that you never thought you would see.
  4. Eat where food the locals are eating: If you want an experience that is immersive enough to make you feel like you are a part of the community that you are visiting, then eat where the locals are eating. This especially helps in a situation where you are on a strict budget and cannot always afford hotel food. If you are worried about hygiene and health implications of eating the food, then look out for places where the locals take their children. If it’s safe enough for the kids, then it’s probably safe enough for you.
  5. Be kind to the people around you: People will react to your approach in different ways. Not everybody will react to your friendly approach in the same manner. Consider that people may be having a bad day, or they just seem disinterested at first. In these cases, it’s even more important to be friendly. Be friendly with people and approach them with a smile. It makes it a lot more difficult for them to dislike you.
  6. Arm yourself with some of their language: Learn how the people say hello, please and thank you. Also learn some of the customs: what is rude and what is acceptable. This helps you avoid offending people and also enriches your stay there.
  7. Take great pictures: This is so important. Photography makes you more aware of your surroundings. If you, have it at the back of your mind that you need to capture the moments, you are more likely to spot things and find moments that are worth capturing. Once you begin looking for photos, you see much more of the world than if you are just walking through it. Photos also help you remember. The value of a photo may not come at once but in a few years, you will value that picture a whole lot.
  8. Be protected: As you take that holiday or vacation or visit that new city, be sure that you are protected. Nothing ruins a great trip like loss of one’s passport, a baggage or even falling ill. Stay prepared for your trip with AXA Mansard Travel insurance and get peace of mind on your journey. AXA Mansard also has a travel insurance policy special for pilgrims: so, if you are a Christian planning towards traveling this Easter season, this is something you should consider for your protection.

Call 0700AXAMANSARD or email ccare@axamansard.com. You can also visit www.axamansard.com to enjoy great benefits.

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