Corporate social responsibility

Employee wellbeing and health & safety

Find out how deeply we value our employees’ well-being and health and safety and see our work on labor and social performance indicators.

The safety and wellbeing of our employees and partners is predicated on the effective management of Health, Safety and Environment. At AXA Nigeria, we consider that the delivery of first in class service to our partners is intrinsically linked to the ability to provide qualitative Health and a safe work environment for employees and those affected by our activities. Therefore, we prioritize the Health and Safety of our employees, enforce best practice in Occupational Health and Safety in line with local and international standards.

Our dedicated and trained officers in charge carry out continuous risk assessment to identify and mitigate against health and Safety hazards at all our locations. We also ensure that First Aid boxes are present in all office locations and are easily accessible by employees in case of minor emergencies. The AXA employee is assured of proper care under our Health Insurance scheme.  Our employees also understand that it is their individual responsibility to take into consideration the health and safety of fellow employees and stakeholders when engaging in any activity.

We are committed to reinventing our health and safety practices in line with the changing trend in the world in order to always be one step ahead in ensuring that all our employees and other stakeholders are safe at all times. The COVID 19 Pandemic as a case study saw us imbibe the culture of social distancing along with other hygiene practices to help reduce the exposure risk of our employees and customers by extension. 

Our goal is to ensure a healthy workforce for business continuity and a secure workplace for all our employees, contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers, visitors and customers.

Health and Safety

AXA Mansard is committed to provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment for all employees and has formalized a Health and Safety (H&S) policy both at the Group and local level.

Health and safety conditions at all of AXA Mansard’s locations are compliant with the required regulations. As a financial services company, the Group’s health and safety risks are relatively minimal.

AXA Mansard promotes employee health and well-being. Work has an essential place in each person’s life and must be a source of personal fulfilment. Concerns relating to health, safety and quality of life at work are part of the company’s responsibilities towards its employees: respecting their well-being daily is key for all to work better together.

Stress-management information and training

Mental health and wellbeing is an important priority for AXA Mansard. We have implemented programs on preventing stress at work, mental health and wellbeing. These initiatives include awareness campaigns, training for all staff, resilience training for senior executives or all staff. Resilience is a key competency and is included in almost all senior management development programs.

Several trainings are deployed to help employees to manage stressful situations, on topics such as making efficient choices, focusing on priorities, developing self-emotional awareness, managing teams´ emotions, developing self-esteem and managing time. In addition to these mental health sessions being facilitated internally, all Staff are also eligible to receive psychological assessment and support via our dedicated psychological assistance program.

Healthy working environment

AXA Mansard takes care of their employees with: providing free telemedicine and annual ‘health checks’ to staff by registered nurses: BMI, Blood glucose, cholesterol consultation on lifestyle changes to assist in healthier living.

Ergonomic workplace

We seek to provide optimal working spaces for our employees in terms of health and wellbeing. As part of local refurbishment projects, we have improved the quality of the workspace. For instance, employees are provided with desks and chairs that are fully adjustable and ergonomic for optimal comfort and wellbeing. In addition, communal spaces are provided to optimize the workspace environment by providing relaxing areas for employees to change their work environment such as Pulse rooms, lounge chairs, among other amenities.

Fitness facilities

At AXA Mansard we want to see our employees thrive beyond the workspace, hence we have a workplace Gym to aid with a healthy mental and physical state. This also provides an opportunity for employees to connect outside of a formal work environment fosters healthy personal and professional relationships.

Supporting working parents

At AXA mansard some considerations are given to working parents when they are expanding their family: a minimum of 16 weeks fully paid maternity/primary parent leave and 2 weeks fully paid paternity/co-parent leave, respectively. Benefits include: the ability to have flexible working schedules or early closure -recommended for the 3 months following return to work, dedicated HR support before, during and after the leave, advice on childcare options, leave to care for sick children and access to private rooms to pump milk. In- house creche is also available for the parents.