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Find out how the AXA Research Fund supports academic research to help understand issues surrounding data privacy, and how, for example, we’re partnering with Sciences Po Paris to manage the challenges of personal data use and our other data privacy initiatives.

Why data privacy matters for AXA

The AXA Research Fund, the science philanthropic initiative of the Group, supports several research initiatives to better understand the issues at stake around data privacy.

AXA Award on Big Data, Privacy and Discrimination
New big data computational techniques promise to disrupt our expectations of privacy in an unprecedented way. We need to understand their power and limits and to think about how the law should respond, if at all.

This is why the AXA Research Fund has attributed the AXA Awardon Big Data, Privacy, and Discrimination to Paul OHM, from the University of Colorado, United States of America.

Prof Ohm wants to decipher which data can lead to discriminatory actions and privacy invasions and to set safeguards for a better protection of human subjects in Data Science.

He will actively encourage computer scientists to think more critically about the social impacts of their work and help policymakers understand the nature of the challenges ahead.


Joint Research Initiative with Sciences Po Paris on “Understanding and Enhancing Individuals Trust in Data Sharing
 Despite acknowledgeable efforts from administrative agencies and data protection legislation, the huge extension of personal data circulation is neither under control nor a concrete public concern yet. This project aims to better understand the role of socio-cognitive barriers in the adoption of financial-transaction and data-sharing technologies and systems. It should ultimately contribute to redesigning the framework of personal data use.