Corporate social responsibility

2022 AXA Week for Good

Every year, AXA organizes one full week dedicated to sustainability. It’s during this week, once a year, that employees come together to give their time and resources to act for good.


Eco Bonding

A team-bonding fun activities at the Lekki Conservation Centre to drive collaboration and memorability around the subject of climate change and sustainability. Highlights will be:

  • Team Challenge
  • Music
  • Sustainability Games
  • Knowledge about conservation
  • Take a Tree Home
  • Networking

AXA Roots Movement

AXA Roots is a Tree-planting Initiative to commemorate the 2022 AXA Week for Good. It intends to work with local authorities to plant 200 trees in strategic parks across the metropolis.

It also seeks to use the commemoration to encourage staff (who have the opportunity) to plant a tree in their homes.


A webinar targeted at businesses on reducing their cost through sustainability programmes. Focus will be on:

  • Paper
  • Water
  • Clean Energy
  • Waste Management
  • Transportation
  • Circular Economy

2022 AXA Week for Good

Here are some numbers we are proud of


Men and women of AXA Mansard, committed to protecting our environment

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Ranging from Team bonding, trainings, webinars, to tree planting activities

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Acting for the climate by planting and maintaining trees to enrich our environment